Tooth-Coloured Fillings in South Calgary, AB

While dental decay today is highly preventable with proper home and professional dental care, most patients will have at least one filling during their lifetimes. Because of modern sugar-containing diets, avoiding dental decay entirely poses a challenge for many.

We offer tooth-coloured fillings in our South Calgary dental office to repair your tooth and protect your smile.

How You Can Avoid Dental Decay

At Legacy Dental Care, we help patients avoid common oral conditions, like dental decay, by educating patients on effective home care and nutrition and by providing preventive dental treatments.

Avoid a sugary diet. Processed sugar, found in soda and candy, commonly contributes to decay by feeding the bacteria that soften enamel. Sugar is not the only culprit, however; processed carbohydrates and starchy snacks also stick in the grooves of the teeth and quickly convert to sugar in the mouth.

Eat healthy foods. Some foods, like crunchy fruits and vegetables, keep teeth healthy. Low-fat dairy products, lean protein options, and whole grains are also healthier for the teeth and your body.

Brush and floss properly. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean teeth twice daily will help prevent dental decay. Flossing removes particles from between the teeth and reduces the build-up of tartar.

Don’t miss dental appointments. Professional dental cleanings support healthy teeth and gums. Your dental exam with one of our dentists, Dr. Sandon Wiedemann, Dr. Laiton Wiedemann, or Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, promotes early detection of decay, which often makes it easier to treat.

Additional Decay Prevention

woman brushing teeth | Dentist Calgary ABFor at-risk patients, we offer decay-preventing treatments. We will discuss these with you if we believe they could benefit you or your child.

Fluoride varnish – Our hygienists will paint fluoride varnish on the teeth, focusing on the grooves of the teeth and any areas of recession. Fluoride helps keep enamel hard and strong.

Fissure sealants – Dental sealants form an invisible barrier between the grooves of the teeth and prevent bacteria from causing damage to the most vulnerable area of the tooth.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

When the need for a dental filling arises, tooth-coloured composite will seal and protect the tooth. 

For superficial decay, we may be able to complete your procedure without an anesthetic; otherwise, our dentists will numb the tooth completely before we begin. After removing the decay, your dentist will match resin composite to your natural tooth colour and apply it in layers, shaping it to the tooth.

Once the cavity is completely filled, we will polish the tooth to create a seamless restoration.

You can chew on your filling immediately, but you should avoid eating until the anesthetic wears off to avoid biting your lip or cheek.

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Don’t let a cavity progress and result in root canal treatment or extraction. We provide durable, reliable tooth-coloured fillings that will repair your tooth.

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