Tooth Extractions in South Calgary, AB

We provide all types of tooth extractions at our Legacy dental practice, including simple, surgical, and wisdom teeth removal.

We understand that a certain amount of anxiety can accompany teeth extractions. Our dentists, Dr. Sandon Wiedemann, Dr. Laiton Wiedemann, and Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, will look after you, ensuring your comfort both during and after your procedure.

We never take the recommendation for a dental extraction lightly and will discuss any other options available to save your tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Xray of wisdom teeth | Calgary AB DentistAs teens enter the young adult years, we evaluate wisdom teeth (third molars) to determine if they are likely to become problematic due to impaction, overcrowding, or infection. Because modern jaws often do not have adequate space for wisdom teeth to emerge, removing them helps avoid complications. We will discuss your options with you.

If you choose to retain wisdom teeth, they will need some extra care as they are more prone to decay and gum disease due to their location.

Extracting Diseased Teeth

The best way to avoid tooth loss is to maintain your dental care both at home and with professional dental exams and cleanings. Sometimes, teeth become badly decayed or develop an internal infection. When restoration with dental crowns and root canal therapy is impossible, removing a troubled tooth may be the only way to restore your comfort and protect surrounding teeth.

Other reasons for tooth extractions include:

  • Teeth broken at or below the gumline
  • Failed root canal treatment
  • Trauma or accidental damage
  • Bone loss due to periodontal disease
  • In preparation for full dentures
  • Orthodontic treatment for overcrowding

Once we remove the tooth, our dentists will discuss proper home care to protect the healing site. You will need to avoid drinking through a straw and smoking to prevent damage to the healing tissue. 

  • Rinse, rather than brush, the area until it heals.
  • Avoid crunchy or overly chewy foods.
  • Use pain reliever as recommended
  • Arrange a follow-up appointment

Replacing Missing Teeth in T2X 4K8

Woman holding jaw in pain | Calgary AB DentistBecause tooth loss results in additional oral health conditions such as bone loss and misalignment, we recommend replacing missing teeth as soon as possible with one of our treatment options.

  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Implant-retained dentures

Prompt replacement of missing teeth will help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. Dental implants also promote the retention of healthy bone, and our dentists can sometimes place them at the time of your extraction, reducing the number of surgical procedures necessary to restore your smile.

Do You Have a Painful or Missing Tooth?

If you suspect you need a dental extraction, our South Calgary dentists are here to help you regain your oral health. Contact Legacy Dental Care to book an exam and get the answers you need to feel confident in your smile again.