Free Whitening in South Calgary AB

At our Legacy dental practice, our dentists, Dr. Sandon Wiedemann, Dr. Laiton Wiedemann, and Dr. Jayde Wiedemann believe that a little encouragement goes a long way. We introduced our Free Whitening as an incentive to motivate patients to stay current with their oral health recommendations and maintenance.

By offering Free Whitening, we believe we are adding a little extra motivation to keep patients brushing, flossing, and caring for their teeth and gums within Legacy Dental Care and our dentists’ recommendations to improve and maintain your oral health.

Stained teeth can cast a shadow over your smile, though it is a natural part of the aging process. Red wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco use all cause your teeth to stain more quickly.

We have a solution to restore the natural white appearance of your teeth and keep them that way.Couple Smiling | Dentist Calgary AB

Free Whitening in Legacy

You have completed all of your recommended dental treatment and are on-schedule with your dental hygiene and exam recall schedule. Let’s celebrate!

PolaDay is a low-sensitivity, teeth whitening system that does not require a barrier gel and can provide an improvement of several shades in a single session. We give it to you in a take-home Blonde woman smiling | Dentist Calgary ABkit that we design just for you.

Here’s how your home teeth bleaching system works:

  • We take impressions of your teeth to create moulds
  • Using the models, we fabricate clear whitening trays
  • We provide enough gel to achieve a brighter shade
  • You receive instructions on the proper use of your whitening system
  • You can continue whitening at home for up to two weeks
  • Now you can enjoy a brighter smile

With our free Whitening program, you can enjoy the benefits of a white smile at no cost to you.

Now Offering Free Touch-Up Gel

As long as you stay on track with your recommended dentistry, including maintenance such as exams and dental cleanings, our team will provide a single syringe of professional strength whitening gel for you to use after your six-month dental cleanings to keep your smile looking its best.

Do You Wish You Had Whiter Teeth?

At Legacy Dental Care, our dentists love to see the smiles on our patients’ faces when they feel great about how they look. With our Free Whitening plan, we help patients from Legacy, South Calgary, Walden, Silverado, and the surrounding neighbourhoods enjoy professional teeth whitening for free.

Give us a call to learn more about this unique opportunity!