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Why are dental cleanings important?

Man getting dental cleaning | Calgary DentistRegular dental cleanings help your teeth feel fantastically clean but that's not all, they are also critical to your overall oral health.  Over time the soft, fuzzy-looking plaque that collects around our teeth gets hardened from minerals in our saliva.  This hardened plaque is called calculus or "tartar" and will attach itself to locations on your teeth above and below the gum line.  Despite doing a stellar job at brushing there is no way to remove these hardened deposits, only a trained dental professional with special instruments can do so.

These tartar deposits each containing millions of bacteria love to irritate our gum tissue. The inflammation that's a result of this irritation is called gingivitis and left untreated can lead to irreversible destruction of the gums' attachment to our teeth (periodontal disease).  Further destruction can even lead to bone loss and eventual tooth loss.

Regular Dental Exams in T2X 4K8

If that wasn't motivation enough, one study found that patients with periodontal disease have a 2-3x higher chance of having a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems. Any type of inflammation anywhere in our body is not normal, so why should our gums be treated any differently?  We always recommend a regularly scheduled cleaning at specific intervals tailored to each individual for these reasons.  Call to book your appointment with one of our talented hygienists today in our south Calgary dental office and let us help you achieve the healthy smile we all want.

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