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How can I replace my missing teeth?

Older woman looking off into distance | dentist calgary abAt Legacy Dental Care, we provide a number of options to replace missing teeth for patients who want to improve their diets or the appearance of their smile.

Tooth Replacement Options

Many patients choose dental implants in our Legacy dental office, but we offer alternatives for patients with varying needs.

Dental implants – replace the entire tooth structure, including the root
Dental bridge – fills the gap in the smile and keeps remaining teeth from shifting
Dentures – replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch
Partial dentures – replace some missing teeth
Implant-retained dentures – four to six dental implants anchor dentures in place
Implant-supported bridges – replace multiple teeth in a row

Modern Dentures in T2X 4K8

Modern dentistry has improved how we replace missing teeth. Dentures used to look generic and boxy and were difficult to fit. You might be surprised to learn that modern dentures and bridges look more natural than those of the past.

A full evaluation with one of our dentists will determine the options available to you. We will present all teeth replacement options and help you make a choice that adds confidence and allows you to eat more of the foods you love.

If you are facing extractions or have missing teeth, contact us to book an appointment.