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How does laser dentistry work?

Man smiling in dental chair | Dentist Calgary ABUntil the implementation of laser dentistry, soft tissue surgeries required traditional cutting and sutures, which were often painful and took some time to heal. At Legacy Dental Care, we have implemented the use of laser dentistry to improve soft tissue surgeries for our patients.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Periodontal (gum) disease treatment – By removing diseased tissue with a laser, we promote healing and gum regeneration.

Frenectomy surgery – Sometimes the small tissue flaps attaching the lips to the gums are overdeveloped and need to be reduced to avoid speech problems, a gummy smile, and the development of a diastema (a gap between front teeth).

Gingival sculpting – Reshaping the gums on the front teeth can reduce a gummy appearance to the smile. By exposing more tooth structure, your smile will look more natural. If necessary, we can design dental veneers as part of your smile makeover.

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