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What happens during root canal treatment?

diagram of a root canal | Dentist Legacy ABIf you need root canal treatment in South Calgary, you might be concerned about the scary stories you've heard from other people. Dr. Wiedemann wants to put your mind at ease and let you know that modern dentistry has made root canal treatment a comfortable procedure. Not only that, it's a treatment that will help you maintain a natural tooth that might otherwise be facing an extraction.

Root Canal Therapy in South Calgary

When you need a root canal, it's most likely because your tooth is infected. It is this infection that causes your pain. Root canal therapy actually relieves your discomfort and removes the diseased tissue inside your tooth that is causing your toothache.

Dental Crown

Once your tooth heals and is infection-free, Dr. Wiedemann will strengthen it with a dental crown or permanent filling to ensure that you can eat and chew just as you did before.

Sedation Dentistry to Help With Anxiety

If you're feeling extra anxious about your root canal procedure, talk with our dental team about using nitrous oxide to help you feel more relaxed. Nitrous is a gas that you breathe in during your procedure, which leaves your system right away when we complete your treatment. It doesn't leave lingering side effects so you can get on with the process of healing from your infection.

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