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How long will my first appointment take?

woman in dental chair | Calgary AB DentistWe ask patients to leave about two hours to complete their initial oral evaluation. Our dentists, Dr. Sandon Wiedemann, Dr. Laiton Wiedemann, and Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, believe establishing an accurate image of your oral health will support your long-term goals.

Caring Dentistry

Additionally, here at Legacy Dental Care, we passionately believe that developing a relationship and rapport between you and your dentist will make you feel more comfortable discussing your goals for your smile.

First Dental Exam

Here is what you can expect at your first dental exam:

  • A consultation with your dentist
  • A thorough exam of each tooth
  • A gum evaluation
  • A set of x-rays for diagnosis
  • An evaluation of the jaw and bite
  • A cosmetic assessment
  • An explanation of your oral health
  • Recommendations for treatment
  • A treatment cost estimate

Dental Cleanings in South Calgary

By starting with a thorough oral exam, we will get the information necessary to arrange a customized dental cleaning. In some cases, a simple scale and polish will keep you healthy. If you have periodontal disease, however, we may need to book a series of deep dental cleanings to eliminate the infection.

We leave plenty of time at your first appointment for you to ask questions and share any changes with your oral health.