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What is a dental implant?

dental implant | South Calgary DentistA dental implant is a very minimally invasive way to replace a missing tooth. In the past, dentists recommended exclusively a bridge or a removable denture to replace missing teeth. A bridge requires crowns on neighboring teeth while a partial denture is something that can easily be removed. A dental implant is currently the best way to replace a missing tooth without having the downsides of a bridge or denture.

What is it?

There are 3 components to a dental implant:

Implant Body: Titanium screw that replaces the root of the tooth

Abutment: Connector between the implant screw and tooth

Tooth: Porcelain tooth that is coloured and shaped to match your other teeth

Are dental implants painful?

Like any dental treatment, pain afterwards is very typical. However our patients often find Advil or Tylenol can easily take care of the discomfort the following day. In fact, it's often much less tender then removing a tooth!

Does your South Calgary office do implants?

Of course! We can place the implant screw and restore the tooth all within our own office, no referrals needed.