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When is a crown needed?

Dental Crowns | Calgary AB DentistWhen are dental crowns needed?

A dental crown or "cap" is usually recommended to restore both the strength and beauty of your natural teeth.  

Preventing fracture

The human bite can average anywhere between 150-500 PSI, that's a lot of force! With this extreme amount of force teeth can fracture leading to possible root canal treatment or tooth loss. Here are a few situations where a tooth is no longer strong enough on its own and a crown would be recommended:

  • A very large cavity or missing portion of a tooth
  • A very large filling
  • Tooth that underwent root canal therapy
  • Tooth with a partial fracture causing sharp pain while chewing

Improving your smile

Crowns can be coloured and designed to look nearly identical to your natural teeth. Here are a few situations where a crown could be recommended for front teeth when either fillings or veneers would not work:

  • Misshapen or extremely discoloured teeth
  • Shortened or broken teeth as a result of grinding
  • Teeth with fillings that keep getting discoloured or falling out

Our recommendations in South Calgary

These are some common situations we find every day however every patient and every tooth is unique. If you feel you need a crown we recommend a visit with one of our dentists to evaluate things.